Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie People

This semester I have been working on a photography project about people who work late, or graveyard shifts. The premier of the Twilight movie provided an opportunity to do this at the movie theater. I thought it would also be interesting to document some of the movie's crazed fans. I was hoping to find a few more dressed up. Most were wearing pajamas. Lame. These three, however, were definitely the most gung-ho.


Garrison Propaganda said...

it sounds like a fun project youre working on. hope youre not too tired in your mornings. bummer you didnt run into any vampires or wearwolves. was this in rexburg? did you see the movie, or just the people in line?

Daniel George said...

There's no way I would ever see that movie. I was there for the employees mostly.