Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leftover Pizza

The other day my teacher brought pizza to class for lunch. He ended up forgetting a whole pizza. Later that day I saw it and took it home. I ate some for lunch for the past couple days and finished it up today. After almost finishing the last out of a couple pieces, I happened to look down and saw something rather strange. There were at least five ants crawling all over it. I looked into the box and saw a TON more. I can't help but wonder how many I ate before noticing. I should have given the pizza back to my teacher. In southeast Asia that's what we call bad karma.


Garrison Propaganda said...

that is SOOOOO beyond nasty. at first i thought you were going to stay something about the pizza being greasy, but oh it was so much worse! i hope ellen didnt eat any. so did you bring it home with ants, or get them in your apartment?

Darren said...

Serves you right!