Friday, June 13, 2008


Ellen and I found a $2 net at a toy store the other day and thought it would be useful on our semi-frequent turtle hunts. Before we used sticks and gently batted them towards the shore like hockey pucks. A runner had found a box turtle on a hill and dropped off at the lake shore, Ellen jumped in the water and snagged a baby musk turtle, and I spotted a baby alligator snapping turtle in a swampy mess a few feet behind us. We thought the snapper was the best find, and couldn't help but bring it home for the night. Also, it was getting dark and I wanted to photograph it. I dropped him back off at the same spot earlier today. It would have been cool to keep, but they get big. The last thing I need is a Rahzar on my hands.


Garrison Propaganda said...

rahazar? wanst he the turtle who had the special oozed dumped on him in tmt 2? such good pictures dan! did you take the last one. thats my favorite. itd be a fun one to blow up.

Maddy said...

i'm glad to have found your blog! I was wondering what kind of stuff you do and I really enjoy it. I just applied for the BFA in photography a week we'll see. Anyway hope you and Ellen are doing well.