Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sock Creatures

These are the first of Ellen's soon to be many after work creations. About a week ago she purchased a book, "Stupid Sock Creatures," and has been at work almost every night since. These guys are made from only socks and stuffing with buttons for eyes. As a result of this new hobby I have been shopping for buttons for the first time in my life. I'm sure there are many more of these trips to come. They don't officially have names but I call them (left to right): Philip the Hyper-Hypo, the Noid, and Beetlejuice. Ellen enjoys making them and I naturally support her, just so long as they don't get wet or eat anything after midnight.


Garrison Propaganda said...

philp is cute (as is ellen), but im in love with noid and beetlejuice. so when are you going to start marketing and selling them!?! theyre soooooo cute! im telling you, youve got a successful little business in the works.

mE said...

i think Ellen's dad can put them in his catalogues. He can create a "How to woo your high-school sweetheart" section. The football players can buy them and the girls would be none the wiser since they would never see the catalogues (though i guess the players don't either - oh well, was worth a shot).