Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First dSLR

Today I received my much anticipated digital SLR camera. It is a big deal for me because for months I have been trying to decide which kind I wanted. I went back and forth considering many different bodies and lenses, but finally settled with the Canon 40d and the Canon 17-40 lens. I am very satisfied with my decision. Ellen was very supportive of this, so I graciously complied with her request to be in the first photograph I shot with it. So here she is at Planet Studio with our roommate hard at work in the background. P.S. This is the first camera I have purchased that costed more than $18.


Garrison Propaganda said...

she looks ecstatic!

Sugar - The Girl Behind the Flash said...

I was wringing my hands forever before getting the 30D. I haven't regretted it ever since.

Your shadow photograph is fantastic! I also like the long angle on the log at the beach. Great art!

tkm said...

cool pix - while you're in ATL you should make a trip down to the Historic Oakland Cemetery ( Will have to tell you about some volunteering I did down there, cataloging the stained glass in the mausoleums.