Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Michigan: The Ones That Got Away

I was going through some files and came across these photographs I made this summer while living in Michigan. Some are kind of funny.
Santa Clause, 3 July 2009, Frankenmuth, MI

Girls, 23 July 2009, Clare, MI

Christmas Tree, 26 July 2009, Sanford, MI

The Pink Panther, 1 August 2009, Whitefish Point, MI

Two Bears, 1 August 2009, Trout Lake, MI

Dead Frog, 13 August 2009, Clare, MI

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Garrison Propaganda said...

darn that santa always climbing forbiden hills. youre right, some of those were pretty funny. jonas thought the frog was "guhhh-rose!" did you have to take it home to get it on the white background?