Friday, October 9, 2009

Digital Collages

We made collages in photoshop for an assignment in my digital photography class. Almost all the content of the images was torn out of magazines. And if you were wondering, yes, that is Little Jerry Seinfeld.


mE said...

so did you tear the paper in photoshop or for real - it looks pretty good. I was thinking of doing a collage similar to this for our stake art project - using torn up books of mormon to make a boat and what not - i've played with creating a torn look, but nothing as successful as yours. Do tell the secret.

Daniel George said...

Tore it up beforehand, then scanned it, then pieced it together in photoshop. Pretty easy.

Garrison Propaganda said...

all i can say is thats crazy, but i like it. roosters. i just think of french people when i see roosters for decoration. i think thats b/c anthony said they were popular over there. that, or im making it up. interesting.