Thursday, October 30, 2008

GPS Group Project

I was involved in a cool group project for one of my photography classes. My teacher explains the project on his blog so I'll just paste what he wrote: "For the project we had each student pick a location, photograph it, and mark it with a GPS unit. Each student in the class would then, over the next three or four weeks, go to each others locations and make an interesting photograph within 40 feet of that location. We didn't want to be tainted by seeing each others' work, so we didn't show each other the photographs until shooting was completed. We plan to exhibit the work (64 photographs total) in the Art building in a couple of weeks. We may also publish a book through Blurb."
With that said, here are my images with the GPS locations. Check out Darren Clark's link on the sidebar to see his images, too.

N 43 50.033' W 111 46.601'

N 43 49.525' W 111 46.967'

N 43 49.265' W 111 46.624'

N 43 49.608' W 111 47.022' (my gps location)

N 43 49.087 W 11 47.259'

N 43 49.182' W 111 47.724'

N 43 49.533' W 111 46.920'

N 43 49.636' W 11 46.811'

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