Saturday, August 30, 2008

On the Road pt. 6

This is the only photograph I shot during our two day drive from Omaha to Utah to Idaho. We saw many interesting things; one of which being this discarded bottle of pee near an exit ramp. No, it is not mine nor Ellen's. Living in Atlanta and on the road these past few months has made me realize how unique a place Idaho is. We have already seen a girl at Wendy's literally take one full minute to put fries and chicken nuggets in a to-go bag, a guy hitting toys off a shelf onto the floor with his cane at K-Mart, a thrift store charging $400 for a bicycle (not a misprint), and air-fresheners hanging off the the back of a toilet at a grocery store. Incredible place.

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Garrison Propaganda said...

thats entirely disgusting. just wondering what you were doing on the side of the road? why was the old man knocking things off the shelf with his cane? cant say i miss much of rexburg, but it was fun while we were there.