Saturday, July 12, 2008

Georgia Aquarium/Mall

Today we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was packed. It was a little less aquarium/animals than I would have liked. A friend told us it was like going to a mall with sea creatures. Oddly enough, it was. They had some cool things to see, though. I wanted to see some whale sharks, and did. They are in the photos below, although it may take some effort to see them. They did swim closer, but the photos weren't as good. Shooting through plexiglass in low light isn't easy. The highlight, however, was being able to pet some sting rays and bonnet head sharks. Ellen tried to grab a shark and got us in trouble. She wasn't following the two finger petting rule.

If you want to see some impressive aquarium photographs, go to David Stuart's link on the right and look at portfolio one. It's good.

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Garrison Propaganda said...

a mall with sea creatures, sounds interesting. emma got in trouble last time we were the zoo when she did the same thing at the touch tank.